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A New Beginning

Feb. 11th, 2009 | 10:35 pm

Finally, it pleases me to say that the depression and gloom and boohoohooing of 2008 is long gone and the only shoom is that of a summer night and chants of a world-cup qualifier soccer match on the telly. One has gotten over the hang-ups of a student and all is horrorshow and like fine. Might I also add that one is ittying off to taiwan at the end of the month to make swim in blood those grahzny russian bratchnies who wronged me real horrorshow whilst one was at that cally mesto under control of like drencrom and like such cal. Grahzny vonny bratchnies the lot of them.
Appy Polly loggies for the language. Bit on the strong side you may say.
This vengeful topic, however, is definitely not something of the milk-plus induced, but a real veshch which needs to be corrected.
Until another late nochy then.

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